My profile.

Born in Milano, Italy, on december 1980, I've always been interested in every aspect of communication field, developing interest both in the technical instruments used (video, photography, etc…) and in creativity side, about content creation from ideation to finalization.

After italian scientific lyceum, at first I started a technical training attending first years of Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, which gave me really useful theoretical basis for project management and problem solving.
Then I've strengthened my creative skills in communication field graduating, in 2007, with a marking of 100/100 at European Institute of Design, Video Design course. I learned how to master communication languages, photography, video shooting and editing, coordination and direction.

In the meantime, I had my first experiences on the Web, for example:

  • 2002/2003: community management of a FastWeb forum, which gave birth to the project "FastWeb FAQ 4 Dummies" and to the book "FastWeb - Trucchi e Segreti", published by Tecniche Nuove (2004).
  • 2002/2006: web editing and community management for a website built around the work of the italian actress Paola Cortellesi.

Work experiences.

Since 2010 I had the most important work experiences up to now:

  • 2018-now: Founder and Project Manager at Portiere Digitale, whose purpose is to provide advice, assistance and training on new technologies with a special eye to the relationship with people and the Territory.

  • 2015-now: Communication Manager for ReAgire a.p.s., a solidarity network to create new work opportunities and accompany unemployed people through professional retraining paths.

  • 2012/13: Web and Digital Manager for "aiutare i bambini" onlus, an humanitarian foundation engaged in foundraising on international scale. My work was mainly concerned on coordinating external agencies, the team of freelance programmers and graphic designers, video creation and editing for fundraising campaigns and events.
    This experience, besides enriching myself on a personal level, revealed my team working and problem solving skills.

  • 2010/11: Communication Manager for I.M.F. srl, a company engaged in recycling and related technology development. I've worked on an innovative project to give more value to recycling materials transforming them into furnishing (Sassi di Gomma - Tyre Stones).

Since 2009 I've also developed my creative skills:

  • in writing, with many articles and short stories (http://www.fabulator.it), and publishing my two sci-fi books on the adventures of Starship Hope
  • in the web field, with social media marketing activities, online adv campaigns management (adwords, SEM/DEM, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,…), and creating, in the past, a blog and social network for italian Apple users, Il Macaco.

Previously, as a freelance, I had the opportunity to experiment and consolidate my skills on video and photography, for example:

  • 2007/2008: I worked as video editor and post-production manager for the documentary "Gilera, una corsa lunga un secolo", by Gilberto Visintin, on the history of the famous italian motorcycle company.
  • 2006/2006: I worked as IT manager and assistant director of photography for the independent movie "The Best of Feelings", by Marcos Villasenor.