Born in the past century (but only twenty years before the switch), since I was young my life has been influenced by two key instincts: interest in every aspect of technology, in everything new and modern, and the will to use and expand my fantasy and creativity (I started writing short stories on my father's mechanical typewriter, before the diffusion of personal computers in Italy).

My personal style, to which I always try to adhere, is that the strongest idea is also the simplest one. Frills and special effects (though important in certain cases) are often used to cover the lack of a strong idea. To make an idea the simplest possible is, ironically, the hardest work which can be imagined.

I'm a future-Net-tech enthusiast.

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I adore everything related to technology, science, future. I divore science readings, sci-fi books and movies. I can't avoid trying every new web service, and I'm always open to learning new things.

I've decided to express this passion in a project called Portiere Digitale, whose purpose is to provide advice, assistance and training on new technologies with a special eye to the relationship with people and the Territory.

My favorite workplace? Well, I can't decide between the Enterprise, or the TARDIS.

I'm a writer.

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I love writing. It's been one of my passions since I was able to put words in the right order.

Even if living as a novelist is an utopian dream, I try to express this love for writing in every project, from the most technical to the most creative.

Read my short stories - in italian - on the website Fabulator!

I've also published a technical handbook about FastWeb, the italian fiber optic telco, and two sci-fi books about the adventures of Starship Hope.

I'm a creative.

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Writing is not the only field in which I try to express my creativity. I like playing with videos, and I graduated with a marking of 100/100 at European Institute of Design, Video Design course.
I also enjoy working on creative communication, such as social media management, community management, copywriting. I love brainstorming, finding new ideas, and problem solving.

Please, read my profile on the What do I do page, for more detailed information.